At StarBrite Dental in Rockville, Maryland, our dentists and staff strive to provide the best in patient care with the latest technology. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to make you comfortable! Dr. Seifi has been practicing in the Rockville, MD area for more than 23 years.

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StarBrite Dental is a full-service dentist office in Rockville, MD offering family and cosmetic dentistry, as well as emergency 24-hour service for dental emergencies. New patients are welcome.

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  • Gentle Family Dentistry in Rockville, Maryland

    We’re dedicated to family dentistry. Each member of our highly-skilled dental staff is here to help you get the dental care you deserve, from the first toddler appointment through a conversation about dentures. Don’t wait any longer to meet a trusted Rockville dentist for your family. Get the customer service you knew you always deserved […]

  • 24-Hour Emergency Dental Services

    Starbrite Dental offers 24-hour emergency dentistry services for people living in Rockville, Maryland and the surrounding areas of Bethesda, Gaithersburg and Potomac, MD.   Contact us here if you are in need of emergency dental care.

  • Invisalign® – the Clear Alternative to Braces

    StarBrite Dental’s Dr. Maryam Seifi has delivered hundreds of Invisalign cases and is consistently one of the top 3 Invisalign providers in the Rockville, MD / Washington, DC metro area. Dr. Maryam Seifi has been a Premier Invisalign Provider since 2007. Ask about our current special on Invisalign today.

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    Dental patient testimonial

    “In the past, I did not like going to the dentist and I did not like my dental experiences in general. The idea of getting my teeth drilled, or a painful shot was too much. So, when I first met Dr. Seifi in 2008, I knew there may be some issues to address and I […]

  • What Your Dental Hygiene Visit Means to Me!

    CJ, Dental Hygienist

    October is National Dental Hygiene Month, so it’s a great time of the year for me to discuss the importance of your regular oral health care. Dental hygiene appointments at StarBrite Dental are efficient and thorough. There’s a level of compassion where we take the time to not just educate, but to really inform our […]

  • Did You Know StarBrite Dental Offers Comprehensive Dental Services?

    Angie's List Award

    Emergency Services Available 24 Hours a Day: 301-377-2186 StarBrite Dental offers convenient evening and weekend hours in addition to our normal Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner business week schedule. We have oral surgery, root canal and implant specialists on site so that you don’t have to travel back and forth between appointments. StarBrite Dental’s […]

Dental care is of the utmost importance throughout the year. You never want to run into issues where you are suddenly in pain and need to visit a dentist in the area of Rockville, MD. It’s best to make regularly scheduled visits so that a dentist can find out about what is going on inside your mouth very early on.

Cavities, gum diseases, and various other issues don’t have to be problems that you face. Visiting a dentist in Rockville can be one of the best things for you. During an annual checkup, you can come in for x-rays, a cleaning, and a full exam. This is where you will be able to learn what is going on and what can be done to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Practicing Dental Care All Year Long

At StarBrite Dental, we are huge proponents of dental care throughout the year. Instead of just brushing really hard the morning before you come to see the dentist, you should be brushing twice a day every day – as well as after any large meals that you may engage in during the day. This will ensure that you have fresh breath and that plaque is being dealt with appropriately.

You should engage in all of these dental care activities daily:

- Brushing

- Brushing Flossing

- Brushing Mouthwash

When you practice good oral hygiene throughout the year, the visits to the dentist are likely going to be more positive. You won't see problems with cavities, gum disease, or anything else. You are probably going to see an improvement to how white your teeth are, too!

What to Expect at the Visit

Everyone has preferences when it comes to visiting a dentist – and some people are absolutely terrified of dentists because of years of hearing a loud drill noise echoing down the hall. At StarBrite Dental, we have caring dentists and staff to take the time to put you at ease. We also use state of the art technology that makes it less scary to sit down in the dental chair.

Don’t let a bad experience at the dentist prevent you from getting proper dental care in Rockville. Schedule an appointment with us today and learn about how we can provide you with premium care throughout the year. You will love booking your appointments with us from here on out!

We provide services in Rockville, MD & to the Washington, DC metro area. To find out more about our dental services, visit our 'Contact Us' page and fill out the form or call us at 301-892-3337.

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